What is Samurai Kitchen RENPU?

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Welcome to “Samurai Kitchen RENPU” located in Kamakura, Japan.

An hour’s train ride away from the bustling metropolis of Tokyo stands the ancient city of Kamakura, rich with Samurai culture and encompassed by both the mountains and the sea. It is a city renowned for its 100+ temples and delicious local gourmet. Samurai Kitchen RENPU is located in the 200-year old building of Hida Takayama, which has been transported from its original location to Kamakura and reborn as a Japanese-style entertainment restaurant providing to you chance to connect with the traditional culture.

Affordable and delicious food. A sporadically held special event. The “Star in the movie” course, an opportunity like no other to experience becoming a movie star in your own, personal samurai movie. Samurai Kitchen RENPU offers all this and more.

We at Samurai Kitchen RENPU strive to provide for tourists in Japan a chance to experience first-hand the culture and historical past of Japan. We hope you join us, creating unforgettable memories during your time here in Kamakura.

30 OCTOBER 2016   Our Website Renewed  



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