Terms and Conditions

Yuuma LLC

Samurai Kitchen Renpu

Star in the Movie

Term and Conditions

I, the undersigned, in regards to my rights in my participation of the ‘Star in the movie’ experience (herein referred to as “SIM”) organized by Yuuma LLC (herein referred to as “the organizer”), fully understand, agree to, and acknowledge the following:

I, in accordance to the rules and instructions explained to me by the organizers and the staff, fully understand the need for safety during the SIM experience, and agree to bear in mind the safety of myself and others. I agree to accept any and all responsibility for any consequences resulting from my disobedience to the rules or instructions set by the organizers or the staff, and fully understand the right of the organizers and the staff to deny myself, the undersigned, participation in the SIM experience should they feel the need to do so as a result of said disobedience.

Upon participation in the SIM experience, I, the undersigned, do not have any injuries or harm upon my person, nor am pregnant with child. Should I participate in the SIM experience without notifying the organizers of any injuries, I agree to accept full responsibility for any resulting consequences, understanding that no blame can be placed on the organizers of the staff.

In the case of any natural disaster, or unforeseeable and unpreventable incidents, I agree to not claim the organizers or the staff responsible in any respects.

I agree to pay damages for any harm caused upon the organizer’s facility or equipment as a result of my intentional action to cause harm, or disobedience to any rules or instructions explained to me by the organizers and the staff.

Should any harm or injury come upon my person during my participation in the SIM experience, I agree to accept any medical assistance. In addition, should an emergency arise, I agree to partake in emergency medical procedures conducted by treating doctors or the organizers.

I acknowledge that the copyright of any images or videos produced during my participation in the SIM experience fully belongs to the organizers. As a subject of said images or videos, I agree to waive both my neighboring rights and portrait rights regarding said images and videos to the organizers, without monetary compensation, for their use in any advertising material used internationally. In addition, I agree to not exercise my ‘moral rights of performers’ in regards to any third party appointed by the organizer to handle said images or videos.

Regarding the video received from my participation of SIM, I shall not modify the content of the video which would violate the public order and morals and disclose to third party. Also, I shall not modify and disclose the video in the way that would violate the intention of the organizer who is also the copyright holder of the video. If I contravened the above matters and caused any damage to the organizer, I understand that I may need to bear the civil or criminal liabilities.

I acknowledge the rights of organizers to cancel the SIM experience should the organizers, as a result of the any natural disasters, inclemency, or uncontrollable circumstances, have any issues organizing the experience, or feel unable to the ensure the safety of participants.

If I, the undersigned, am a legal minor (below the age of 20), I agree to submit a parental consent form signed by a legal guardian before participating in the SIM experience. You can download foreign-language versions of parental consent form from the table below.

I acknowledge that the contractual relationship, in regards to the SIM experience, between the organizers and myself is maintained in accordance to the laws of Japan.

Should any legal quarrel arise between the organizers of the SIM experience and myself, I agree that the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court be the Yokohama District Court of Japan, wherein any and all legal action shall be conducted.