Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Yumma Limited Liability Company (hereinafter called the “Company”, “We” or “Our”) established this Privacy Policy (hereinafter called the “Policy”), for the purpose of following the Personal Information Protection Law and other relevant ordinance, and doing the best to protect the information received from customers and business partners. We will continue to improve the Policy.


(Collecting Method of Privacy Information)

The Company will only use proper and fair way to collect the personal information.

The Company may request for customers or business partners about their personal information, for example name, date of birth, home address, telephone number, email address, credit card number etc. when it is necessary in business operation. Furthermore, our business partners may collect the personal information like transaction details and payment etc. about customers and business partners.


(Purpose for collecting and utilizing personal information)

The Company will utilize the personal information within the scope which is necessary to complete the following purpose.


We would obtain client’s consent before using his personal information except the follows.


(1) The registered information such as name, home address, contact details etc. would be displayed on registration screen in order to allow users to review and amend their registered information status.


(2) If there is any notice, we will contact through email. Meanwhile, we also use information of your name and mailing address for contact, if there is any need.


(3) Using the information like name, date of birth, address, telephone number, credit card number etc. for the confirmation of identity.


(4) In order to confirm the payment details, we will use the information of name and quantity of purchased items, type and price of used services, client’s name, address and credit card number etc.


(5) The information that registered in our company would be displayed on the data-input screen which enables the users to enter the data more easily. The registered information could be sent to other services (including the services that provided by the business partners) according to your instruction.


(6) In order to prevent the customers who violate term and condition like deferring the payment, causing damage to third party or using our services for any improper purpose, we would use the information like utilization status, name or address etc. which can help to verify the identity.


(7) We would reply your enquiry with relevant information and we may use the information that is necessary during the transaction or contact details for answering your request.


(8) Other purposes that related to the above


(About the management and protection of personal information)

We would take appropriate measures to protect personal information like preventing any illegal access, destroying, leakage or loss of information. Furthermore, we may outsource the handling of personal information to other party. In this case, we would make contract stated its obligation in management of personal information, duty of confidentiality, no information leakage and proceed with appropriate management.


(Provision of information to third party)
We would not provide personal information to the third party without your permission, but except the following situations which are approved by the Personal Information Protection Law and other relevant ordinance.


(Disclosure of personal information)

Upon the request of the user himself/ herself to disclose his/ her own personal information, we would response without any delay. However, if this disclosure would cause any hindrance on our proper operation or violate the law, all or part of the information may not be disclosed. We would inform the requested person without delay if we decided not to disclose the information.


(Amendment and deletion of personal information)

If your information that registered in our company is wrong, you may apply to amend or delete the information according to our company’s procedures.

(Change of privacy policy)
The content of this privacy policy is subject to change when there is any need. The amended privacy policy will come into effect once it’s posted on our website.


(Contact for enquiry)
If you have any enquiry or complaint about your personal information, please contact us through the following contact or by email. Moreover, we may need to verify your identity.



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